iHR Solutions for Healthcare specializes in job/competency solutions, developed by Healthcare professionals exclusively for Healthcare. Our data & software solutions enable best practice Competency Management and ensure compliance with The Joint Commission and other regulatory standards. We provide off-the-shelf and custom solutions for healthcare providers ranging in size from 180,000 employees to 500 employees.

Leading healthcare providers employing over 1.5 million healthcare professionals have chosen our job/competency solutions to support hiring & staffing, competency validation & assessment, performance evaluation, training & development and compensation processes.


Here’s why...

  • System-wide job/competency library
  • Industry standard job descriptions  and competencies
  • Evidence based clinical competencies
  • Frequent data updates and software enhancements
  • Easily customized with our DataManager customization tool
  • 'Hands-on' Implementation Support
  • Web based / fully  hosted with customized training and technical support

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