iHR Solutions for Healthcare, Inc was founded in 2002 by Healthcare professionals who wanted to give something back to Healthcare - something that really made a difference in delivering quality patient care and improving patient outcomes. We had a vision of job/competency solutions designed to meet Healthcare’s unique needs that would save hundreds of hours spent writing job descriptions and competencies. And, enable competency validation and assessment that is more objective, and valid. We imagined a data/software platform that would make competency management more collaborative between managers and employees, and really change performance. And importantly, it had to be an affordable solution that enabled our clients to comply with The Joint Commission and other regulatory standards Any Time, All the Time.

With comprehensive, ongoing research and continual input from our progressive clients, Healthcare CompetencyManager™ has set the standard for competency management in Healthcare. The result is The Best of the Best - industry standard job descriptions and evidence based competencies blended with our client’s own best practices.

IHRS’ data and software is licensed for use in Healthcare systems and stand-alone hospitals ranging in size from over 180,000 employees with 225 facilities to single hospitals with 500 - 2000 employees.

Our customers are leading healthcare providers across the U.S. employing over 1.5 million healthcare professionals who have chosen our data and software solutions to support hiring & staffing, training & development, performance feedback & evaluation, and compensation processes.

Our customers say it BEST!

We are one...

IHRS helped us consolidate 3,300+ jobs across 5 campuses into just under 800 current job descriptions with competency profiles. Using their industry standard library of job descriptions, job profiles and competencies saved us months of work collecting and consolidating paper copies of outdated job descriptions and multiple skills/competency checklists.

We were in BIG trouble ...

The report from our mock surveyor was worse than we expected. We knew that some of our job descriptions and competencies weren't current, but we didn't realize that some was really MOST. We were told that we had an 80% chance of not passing our next Joint Commission survey. We purchased IHRS' Healthcare ModelTM and in less than 60 days we had current / validated job descriptions and competency profiles for over 800 jobs. Now managers can update job descriptions and competencies on-line, using IHRS' Data Manager tool. And, we are ready 'Any Time, All the Time" for regulatory surveys.

A Mountain of Paper ...

When we started our new system-wide ERP project, we discovered that we had over 30,000 different job codes and job titles across our 100+ ministries. We knew we needed to consolidate, but we also knew that it would take several months and many resources that we didn't have to collect thousands of paper job descriptions and skills checklists, do the analysis to get rid of redundancy, and write new standard job descriptions and related competencies. It looked like we would be collecting "a mountain of paper' until we found IHRS. IHRS did the analysis of our jobs, developed a new framework of job families and job titles, and provided industry standard job descriptions, job/competency profiles and associated competencies for our implementation teams to validate. We ended up with 1,230 jobs in our new system library. It was a very efficient use of our resources, and something we could not have done without IHRS' industry standard library to work from.