Our Guiding Principles

  • Transfer of Knowledge
    Our ‘transfer of knowledge’ implementation approach provides the education and tools required for our clients to quickly become independent, and determine what and how much of our consulting resource they need/want at various phases of the projects. Many of our clients use our resources through the planning and pilot phases, and then complete the data customization using the methodologies and tools we’ve developed with them during the pilot phase.

    Customized Implementation Plan
    Our implementation consultants develop an implementation approach based on your project objectives, timeline and resource availability. We use a comprehensive ‘best practice’ template to develop a customized project plan aligned with your specific implementation approach to accomplish the project milestones. We provide comparative data and best practices gained from years of experience working exclusively with Healthcare clients.

    Phased Implementation
    We recommend a phased implementation strategy. Distinct phases with appropriate approval checkpoints ensure an on-time, on-budget and overall successful solution implementation.

    Collaborative Project Management
    We’ve learned that successful implementations result from collaborative project management. We highly recommend that our clients assign an internal project manager who knows their business priorities and culture to work in collaboration with our project manager. Your project manager knows your organization best and is typically more effective in planning communication, responding to information and education needs and keeping the project aligned to other company initiatives. Under this approach, our project manager can focus on planning and management of the data and software implementation, and serve as a resource for your internal project manager.

    Defined Roles and Responsibilities
    Roles and responsibilities are defined during the project planning phase, based on the implementation approach and client’s resource availability/capacity and capability.



Implementation Packages

Select one of our economical services packages with stated deliverables and flat consulting fees designed to ensure a successful implementation:

  • Accelerated Implementation
  • Job Rationalization/Consolidation
  • System Library Build

  Services & Deliverables

  • Consulting Services - onsite, phone, webinar
    • Project Vision/Outcomes
    • Phased Implementation Approach & Timeline
    • Project Plan
    • Customized Validation Process
    • Training & Education materials
  • Validation Sessions
  • Custom Job/Competency Development
  • Co-Development
  • Talent Management Workshops